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National Speaker | Inspirationalist | Motivationalist | IT Strategist | Thought Leader | Founder - CEO


Recommendations and Endorsements

"Therelee is one of those dynamic individuals that you don't forget. In fact, he is unique in that he possesses the ability to enrich your work experience. I'm sure that is not his direct aim, however it is in my opinion one of the by-products of working alongside a person like Therelee". 

Tonya M. Barnes
Manager, Coach, Certified Corporate Trainer

"Rarely does one meet a person of profound impact as

Therelee Washington. Almost a force of nature, Therelee’s inspired technical ability, passion and vision are immediately self evident. Personally having reaped the benefit of his knowledge, experience and insights".

Cy Myrick
IT Recruiter | Sales | Contract | Perm | Web | Systems | Applications | Architects | Engineers | Microsoft | Cisco


Therelee D. Washington IN CIO REVIEW MAGAZINE

"As workers become more and more device driven, our ability to integrate automation through our workflow systems will play a measurable factor in client engagement".

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