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“If history hasn’t taught us enough, it’s shown us we have great resolve when faced with adversities and constraints. While these adversities and constraints may attempt to undermine our core values and beliefs, it shall not demise our abilities to reach and overcome again. With hatred ideologies on display, racism and politicism seem to consume the News of today. A different mindset can lead to a renewed perspective on life”.

Therelee brings an eloquent view from a renewed perspective on life, current affairs, politics, and religion. Renew your perspective today and learn to live and press through life’s challenges, adversities and constraints with a constant renewing of the mind. BOOK NOW

Therelee Washington is a unique individual who thrives to enlighten, and broaden one's view from information emphasis, rather than technologies spectrum that changes rapidly. Therelee has envisioned and implemented key strategies, and approaches that have proven effective in his organizations. His leadership and management style not only engages but motivates others.

One quickly can gather that his passion, energy and drive are from deep within. He’s motivated to see others succeed rather than self-gratification. He’s known to credit others, and humble himself to modest levels. With his charismatic ways, he’s able to subtly deliver common principles. As a devout Christian, Therelee believes that it’s better to give than to receive. He founded Jazmins Fine Arts and Technology Scholarship in honor of his first-born child Jazmin Chereese Washington.

He continues to train and coach many through his most recent venture, Texas Premier Technology Institute Inc. Therelee continues to be a sought-out speaker, coach and leader for not just his knowledge and experiences, but more his ability to emphasize the importance of faith, hard work, drive, vision and proper perspective from renewing of the mind.

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